7610 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95826

After my first visit I was very Satisfied With the service. They were up front about everything and I was in and out in under 15 minutes. I will definitely be bringing my other cars here in the future.

Robert B.

I took my Mitsubishi eclipse 99 GSX to get a smog and the man that helped me was really down to earth and really cool. The smog technician was really helpful when I had some questions regarding my car and was able to help me to the best of his knowledge. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for a smog shop.

Rick G.

The owner is such a friendly man! He's a bit of a chatter box, but I didn't mind at all! He's been in the smog business since 1966 and this guy knows it all!

The man who did the smog to my car was very friendly as well.

Came in on Thursday and I was only there for 30 mins max. I've got no complaints!!

My car was an '04 Toyota Matrix.

Leslie T.

I would come back! It was easy to find. Nothing fancy about it but it gets the job done. I just gave him my DMV form and he was able to knock it out quickly.

Mister S.

Always in and out quickly. Great customer service. They even gave me a recommendation for next time when my car almost didn't pass, and it worked! My car was back to the usual low numbers.

Camille L.

Very cool dude ...Jamil, Irfan. Got me in and out and passed with the quickness. Like a Wizard.

Tri H.

If there's ever been a smog station that runs in the family, it's this one. I've used it for I don't know how long, still do, my kids use it too.

Kathy R.

I went on my lunch break and not only was the employee super fast, he was also super helpful and attentive. I'll be back again next smog check!

Karrah B.

Great service, no line, friendly workers, and they were done very fast. When I walked in just had to fill out a quick paperwork sheet. Clean waiting room with magazines and there was shade for me and my baby.

Nicholas B.

Always fast service! The owner gave me a break and gave me a discount exhausted I didn't have enough money to cover the whole cost of my smog. He really saved my bacon.

Every time I use their services I am always satisfied. Would recommend.

Zack H.

Went to Smog Wizard for another smog test. Family owned the owner has been there for 27 years and still works 40+ hours a week. They are always fast, friendly and straight forward. The owner remembers me even though I only go every few years and is very friendly and courteous. I recommend this shop to all my friends and family and personally continue to go there even after moving a good 30 minutes away.

Sarah J.